Originally published: APRIL 23, 2019

Eco-Friendly finds on the Lunah site:

Our 10pk reusable organic cotton pads will completely replace the ones you buy and toss.  By using these and re-washing, you're saving about 1500+ cotton pads a year from the landfill. I love to use them for makeup, exfoliating, cleansing, toner and NAIL POLISH remover!

Hand-Made Silk Sari Sacs: Made of recycled sari materials, these bags are soft, functional, and beautiful! Sure to make a statement, these silk bags can be used as both a backpack and a carry-on. Each one is different and closes easily at top. Inside is lined with black fabric

Reusable Cotton Mesh Market bag: Save plastic bags with this simple switch. This seemingly small bag stretches and expands to accommodate almost anything you put in it, from fruits and veggies, to breads, flowers and wine and it'll last years and years. Holds up to 40lbs, but weighs nothing:).  Perfect for going to your grocer, farmer's market or simply having it on hand as a just-in-case bag. Beyond local shopping, this Classic String Market Bag is perfectly suited for the beach and travel so that no matter where you are in the world, you have your handy reusable tote.  I’ve had mine for 15 years!

Nut MYLK bags: Save those plastics, those cartons, your wallet and your tummy from some of the ingredients now being used. Making your own nut milk can not be easier! Avoid all of those fillers, and allergens by using your hands and a blender.  The cotton is food grade (no bleach or additives), washable & reusable. The fine weave allows the milk to strain easily. The drawstring is for convenience, allowing you to close and hang the bag.  Hardly any clean up- need we say more? These organic cotton bags make the cut when it comes to creamy delicious cashew milk, sweet chocolate almond milk or skin glowing hemp milk.  Check out some recipes on the Lunah blog! Rinse and wash when done, hang to dry!

Handcrafted Embroidered Journals: Hand Embroidered from a beautiful family in India. Each page is hand bound, with recycled paper. and recycled materials used for the covers. A beautiful labour of love and respect, to hold your dreams and wishes.

Lunah Skin Care Trial Pack: Our sample size pack of the Lunah facial line comes in a reusable snack pack for travel. Made of organic cotton, store your favs in it, your food in it, or your secrets:) Then just wash up and hang to dry.

Ways Lunah shows Mother Earth, our present and our future, some love:

  • We re-use all of the packaging we get from our suppliers to pack up our orders. So, the box may not be beautiful outwardly, upon arrival, but now you know why:) From bubble wrap, to other individually wrapped things we receive, to crumpled papers, and shipping boxes, we use it all
  • We recycle everything we can in the studio once it's done!
  • We re-fill your bottles upon request. Coming soon to the studio will be a Lunah refill station for most of your Lunah products:)
  • We do not let anything go to waste! If we purchased ingredients we can’t use in our staple lineup, we will invent some magical goodies for a limited time purchase, and use those ingredients up.
  • We are very conscious of all of our plant-based ingredients, as they are not unlimited resources from Mother Earth. From essential oils, to botanical herbs, to butters and carrier oils, we are conscious of every drop

Thank you for reading, we want to know how you do your part! Comment below, let's start the conversation. Much love, Nicole + roggie xo

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