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Make your own nut milk

Make your own nut milk


Making your own nut milk can not be easier! Avoid all of those fillers, and allergens by using your hands and a blender. Save a ton of moola while you’re at it! The cotton is food grade (no bleach or additives), washable & reusable. The fine weave allows the milk to strain easily. The drawstring is for convenience, allowing you to close and hang the bag. Hardly any clean up- need we say more? These organic cotton bags make the cut when it comes to creamy delicious cashew milk, sweet chocolate almond milk or skin glowing hemp milk. Check out some recipes on the Lunah blog! Rinse and wash when done, hang to dry!

Size: 10"W x 12"H

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, hang dry



  1. Soak the nuts (1cup) in 2-3 cups water overnight- almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc)

  2. Drain and discard water.

  3. Blend nuts with 4 cups water until almost smooth.

  4. Strain the blended nut mixture using a nut milk bag. Add a pinch of sea salt, dash of vanilla extract. Blend this mixture with 2 pitted dates for sweetness if you desire.

  5. Refrigerate 4-6 days.

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