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* During the winter months, shipping orders with sprays are sent in two bottles- we pour your curated blend into an aluminum bottle for you to pour into your empty glass bottle on arrival. Because water freezes during the colder months, this avoids the glass bottle exploding:)

I know a lot of you have put the chemical fragrances aside and are still looking for beautiful sprays to fill your body mind and spirit. Enter our new collection of wellness sprays! We completely sold out at boho last night and made a fresh batch for this weekend. Inspired by our popular botanical essences, choose the curated blend that you need to feel your best.

Each Botanical scent is a 2 oz bottle. Spray as needed morning, night, throughout the day, before a exciting special event, or to calm nerves. You could also refill with plain water after the bottle is done to get the last few drops and a second round out of your purchase. Descriptions below.

C'est la vie:

Just as the French say! This is the most intoxicating purist lavender directly from france, that your nose has ever been around. A mix of distilled water, organic golden jojoba oil, and two kinds of French lavender essential oil. I love to spray this if I'm feeling like I just need to throw a bit of caution to the wind, it's beautiful to add after your skin care routine before you go to sleep, perfect for your pets and toddlers as well.

Rose glow, skin support.

The purest Rose essence you've ever laid your nose on. I've always wanted to make this! I love Rose and it is a Wonder ingredient for dry or dehydrated skin. One of the keys to a healthy skin barrier is keeping it hydrated. Use the spray to not only mist your face morning and night but throughout the day. It will also make you feel like you are walking through the finest rose gardens of india! Ingredients are the purest Rose absolute, Bulgarian rose dilution, Rose floral water, golden jojoba oil and distilled water.

Decompress, nervous system support.

A blend of our longtime favorite whipped butter aroma. The truly grounding customized essential oils and this bottle will help to give your nervous system a hug and your mind a break. Could also use to support your sleeping cycle, or before big exams, important speeches, eventful days. And intoxicating blend of essential oils of the vetiver, patchouli, peppermint, vanilla, pure jasmine, and a tad of sweet orange. Blended with golden jojoba and distilled water.

Queen, sacral support.

This plan will give you the confidence you need, and have you feeling like the goddess that you are. One of my favorite scents! This will be familiar to all of you that love our body oil as the essential oil blend is the same. A customized formulation to allow and support your feminine, creativity, power and sexuality come through. Mist your hair, your clothes, mist it all as this perfume will carry you from day to night, and everything in between. Spray your soul before you start to create, meditate, or need a confidence boost. A beautiful blend of Palo santo, bergamot, rosewood, vanilla, jasmine, golden jojoba oil and distilled water.

Wake me up,

Candy in a bottle! This will give you the skip in your step that you need, great to spay as you wake up in the morning, maybe before a big workout! I also love to spray it before I sit down and do some computer work, and my armpits love it too. A blend that will remind you of candyland golden jojoba oil, distilled water, essential oils of Wintergreen and organic peppermint.

Liquid sunshine, mood support.

Everyone's favorite, this is our unique blend that you will find in our detox polish and hand and body lotion. Creamsicle in a bottle! No bad days with this beautiful hydrating mist. Great spray when the days are dark, and beautiful for children. Tropical and summer-y with essential oils of sweet orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, lime and the purest vanilla. Paired with golden jojoba oil and distilled water.


Product Questions

Please refer to the product / tools to read + see how to use them. We supply both written instruction and a video.


Um, never!

Yes, we are completely natural and only use the magic of essential oils where necessary.

This is given on the info page of each product. Remember, we do not use chemical preservatives so we advise you to be as hygienic as possible with your products. Ideally storing them in a cool, dry place.

Cool + dry places are the best options.

They are made in London, Ontario Canada at our studio + shop!

Yes, please read the ingredient list as some do have almond oil (triple threat, body oil).

We have our Better Butter and Liquid Gold that were specifically made with them in mind.

Returns + Shipping Questions

We will replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you'd like to exchange your product for the same item, please email us at lunahlife@lunahlife.com

Send us a message at lunahlife@lunahlife.com with photos as soon as it arrives.

We will replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you'd like to exchange your product for the same item, please email us at lunahlife@lunahlife.com