Originally published: DECEMBER 4, 2018

The winter season is full of goodness - holidays, comfort food, picturesque snowy landscapes - but let’s be honest… It has its downsides. We love going for winter walks and taking advantage of the cold weather for activities like skiing and the Canadian classic, tobogganing. But time spent outside in freezing temperatures and harsh winds (especially when shovelling) can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry, tight, and flaky (not the type of flakes we want this time of year). 

But don’t start the countdown to spring just yet - there are simple things you can add to your skin care routine that will help. Follow these tips and tricks and we guarantee any winter Scrooge will have more tolerance and goodwill towards the season. Because it’s all about how you look and feel in your own skin!


Baby, it’s cold outside, which is definitely a factor contributing to dry skin, but the cozy indoors can also cause problems. When we crank up the thermostat for a warm boost, the air inside becomes much drier, leaving your skin thirsty. One way to combat this is to use a humidifier during cold months. Don’t want another appliance causing clutter in your home? Try filling a bowl of water and leaving it next to a heater or vent. The water will evaporate adding moisture to the air, unless any fuzzy friends lap it all up first. :)


While your first instinct may be to lather on the lotion at the first signs of dryness, it is also very important to exfoliate. Ridding the skin of dead skin cells encourages cell renewal, and will help retain moisture when you apply your favourite hydrating cream. Try using a dry brush for some gentle exfoliation.

Our Sandalwood Powder Cleanser is a game changer. It’s gentle enough to use every day as a cleanser, mask and exfoliant. Plus - try mixing with raw honey for a super moisture boost! Honey attracts and keeps water in the skin. This product also contains papaya which is a MAJOR skin brightener.

Facemask Recipe for the Ultimate Hydration

Do it a few times a week and notice the results!

Mix 1 tbsp of Lunah Sandalwood Cleansing Grains with a couple pumps of our Triple Threat and 1 TBSP honey.  Apply to the face and let sit for 15 minutes. Enjoy a good book or warm cup of tea while you wait :)

BONUS - Steam your face just before applying the mask to let it sink in deep and get to work!


When winter dryness hits, most people jump to buying thick and heavy creams from the drug store. But many of the products you will find on retail shelves include harsh chemicals and alcohol that strip the skin of its natural oils. Not so with these skin-saving treatments which are free from toxic and drying ingredients.

The Perfect Nighttime Duo:

Triple Threat + Frankincense & Jasmine Whipped Butter

This combination is deadly for dry skin! Triple threat is a grape seed oil serum infused with rose petals, calendula, and elderflower. Calendula is a super healer, and rose petals increase moisture and vitamin C in the body, perfect for anti-aging. Our whipped butter has been a luxurious night cream and fan fave from the get-go, helping with major dryness. Customers have raved about its effectiveness in rebalancing skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

How to Use:

Apply after you have cleansed your face.

Pat the Triple Threat into damp skin, then apply the whipped butter.

Get a good night of beauty sleep and wake up with hydration baby!


One of the first things we forget to take care of during the busy winter season are our gorgeous lips. Raise your hand if you wake up with dry, cracked lips because you forgot to layer up that balm. But sometimes, especially when using drying lipsticks and stains at all the holiday parties, that’s still not enough. 

The combo of Lunah’s French Kiss Sugar Scrub + lip treatment will keep lips feeling luscious all winter long. The sugar in the scrub helps attract moisture to the skin, and the treatment holds precious oils like argan and jojoba that are gold medal carriers for moisture. If you experience super dry lips, use this daily. Apply the scrub, let it sit, wipe (or lick!) it off lol, and pack on a good amount of lip treatment. Because lips need love too!


Last but NOT least, it is so important to stay hydrated and eat moisture-rich foods this time of year. Drinking lots of water and eating good fats will do wonders for your skin, hair, and nails.  Getting your water count in daily doesn’t mean you have to chug tons of plain water. Tea (non-caffeinated) counts too, as well as the fruits and veggies you eat.

Make a huge pot of tea and sip all day long! Nettle will help maintain water in your body, plus it gives a blast of nutrients to keep your skin looking like gold.

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