Originally published: AUGUST 31, 2021

There are so many reasons why choosing natural makeup is an important part of creating a healthy skincare routine! Natural makeup helps support your skin’s overall health, protects your skin from the harsh environment, and, of course, amplifies your overall healthy glow without all the harsh toxins and chemicals!

We are constantly exposed to many harsh chemicals and toxins throughout our day via the air we breathe, the foods we ingest, and anything else that our bodies come into contact with.  Our skin is our largest organ and anything that you apply to your skin is absorbed within seconds! So, instead of adding to the clutter for our bodies to filter out, why not wear makeup that is actually good for your skin, inside and out? It’s a win win!

Studies show that the average person uses about 9 personal care products per day, and in doing so, is exposed to over 129 different chemicals and toxins daily. Most of these ingredients have NOT been proven safe for human health, yet, we are exposing ourselves to them daily through our deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, lotions, etc. The average woman is exposed to even more - using around 12 personal care products a day, exposing herself to roughly 168 different chemicals (with those who use cosmetics being exposed to even more). These chemicals and toxins do build up in the body, and research has linked imbalances in health and diagnosis, to chemical load.  Don’t let your makeup add to your “chemical body burden“ - instead let your makeup be something you feel good about putting on your skin everyday, worry-free.

Here are some other amazing benefits that come with choosing natural makeup:

  • More Healing, Less Irritation - Natural ingredients don’t irritate your skin like the harsh chemical ingredients found in many mainstream, commercial products. They can actually nourish your skin, and promote healing and anti-aging instead.
  • Vitamins + Minerals in Natural Make-up = Younger Looking Skin - Toxic ingredients not only affect our insides, but can be damaging to the outside of our bodies too. Harsh chemicals can form a thick layer of build-up on your skin preventing oxygen from circulating which can starve skin cells and cause your skin to dry out.
  • Environmentally-friendly + Cruelty-free - All-natural ingredients that come from the earth and not tested on animals... need we say more?
  • Mineral-rich for Natural Sunscreen - Because natural make-up products are mineral-based, you get an added bonus of natural sunscreen! We, of course, still recommend using a natural sunscreen for outdoor use which we spoke more about in our last blog post, but for everyday wear, our natural make-up definitely does the trick!

So, are you ready to check out our 4 new natural make-up products featuring top-quality, good-for-your-skin ingredients?

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