Gua Sha is a tool that originated in Asia for Chinese medicine to help flush the body of toxins and inflammation. Although it is still used the whole body, gua sha is more commonly known as a face tool in Western culture. Gua sha can be found in many shapes and sizes in order to accommodate certain parts of the body. 

Our lymphatic system doesn’t flow like our circulatory system. Using a gua sha tool will aid our lymphatic system in flushing out the toxins and inflammation. Here are some guidelines to properly use your gua sha tool and get the best results:

  1. Always use a facial serum/ oil when using a gua sha tool. The amount you put on your skin to leave is the perfect amount to create the slip you need to use gua sha.
  2. Stay relaxed. Be mindful of how you are holding your body, shoulders shouldn’t be up near your ears. Practicing gua sha should be a relaxing and releasing experience. If you are tense while practicing, it could be defeating the purpose!
  3. Hold the gua sha tool at a 15 degree angle. A 15 degree is almost flat to the skin but not quite. Make sure to hold it gently in your hand. Remember, No Tension!
  4. Light touch is the best. Since the lymphatic system sits right under the skin, pressing into the skin with a soft touch is the best. If you press hard into the skin, you will begin to work the muscles which is not the purpose of gua sha.
  5. Always make sure you are draining after working any major sections. You want to make sure that the inflammation and toxins that you have begun to work up under the skin is drained properly through the muscle right behind the collar bone, which is the main drainage point for your face.
  6. Stay hydrated after. This aids your body to continue to help toxins and inflammation to flush properly.
  7. Don’t gua sha over any skin imbalances like active breakouts. If you have an active breakout, always gua under that area. For example, breakouts on your forehead = gua sha from cheeks down, breakout on your cheeks = gua sha from chin down, or breakout on your chin = gua sha from neck down. Using gua sha above the breakout could introduce more toxins and inflammation to the inflamed area.
  8. Never do gua sha in a rush. The best time to do gua sha is when you have time and are relaxed. 

Hope this helps improve your gua sha ritual! If you are a more visual learner, don’t forget to check out the Lunah Life Channel on youtube for all the best how-tos and info videos.

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