We have talked often about facial toners here on the blog. A good facial toner can help balance and even out skin tone, moisturize dry skin, + purify the complexion. It is also key in aiding in the hydration of the skin, balancing the skin pH + purifying the skin from missed residue. But how does that differ from a hydrosol?

A toner is made with distilled water infused with essential oils and possibly other herbs. A hydrosol is actually the byproduct of making essential oils. When fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. are distilled they release oils which are considered essential oils. You are then left with the water soluble part of the plant which is what we call hydrosol. Although these two are very similar, they are made different and can have different uses.

Hydrosols are much less concentrated in nature due to the fact that they are the byproduct of essential oils. They are also softer and subtler in scent. This makes them perfect for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin. A few ways hydrosols can be used to help products absorb better into the skin, to set or remove your makeup, to enhance your powder face masks, to keep your face moisturized during the day, or to moisturize your scalp or hair.

Different hydrosols aid the skin with different problems. For example, one the most well-known hydrosols is rose because it is great for all skin types. Chamomile and Peppermint hydrosols aid in the fight against acne. Witch hazel helps to shrink pores and to balance the moisture in the skin and scalp. And there are so many more combinations!

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