Originally published: APRIL 28, 2017

One of our latest products has quickly become a love affair. Daily. The Lunah Life Body Oil. Reasons why you should include body oil in your holistic skincare regime.

#1 Body Oil is Super Nourishing for Your Skin

Creams and lotions are amazing, but body oils are well- straight oil! They add that extra kick and pump some serious moisture into your limbs.

#2 Body Oils can be Multi-Purpose

I'm on the go a lot, and love when I can minimize my routine by bringing only one or two products to do ALL the jobs. Body oils are often formulated with super omega rich oils that hydrate, sink in quick, and are made from some of the finest ingredients on this earth. Therefore, you can use them as make-up removers, facial serums, tame fly-aways, and protect your hair from heat. 

#3 You can layer your scents with Body Oils

We all have our favourite scents, and they come in a million different forms. Mist, roll-on's, solid perfumes, powders, etc. Body oils are another great way to layer your scents, and create your own unique Chanel #5:)

#4 100% Pure Oil

Because these products are straight oils (not water mixed in), you don't have to worry about them going bad, or growing unwanted bacteria.

How to use:

Apply on wet skin, never on dry skin.

Always  apply body oils on wet skin, preferably after a morning or evening shower, massaging for a few seconds.  The massage allows both moisture and the oils to penetrate the outer layer of the skin creating a moisturizing barrier, preventing skin dehydration. This way your skin stays hydrated for longer, usually all day!  If your hands require an extra application at midday, simply wet your hands, apply a drop or two of oil and massage like you would your lotion. You will notice as days go by, the need for applications during the day is reduced to 1 or 2 with oils opposite to 5 or 6 with lotions.  Avoid using body oils on dry skin. They take longer to absorb, leaving a greasy layer on the skin. 

Don’t use too much!

Opposite to body lotions, a little oil goes a long, long way! Just a few drops might be all you’ll need, 

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