Originally published: JULY 14, 2021

Facial reflexology is a practice that has been in place for centuries in different countries throughout the world. As a traditional form of healing involving applying pressure and massage to specific areas of the face, facial reflexology has been used to relieve stress, improve sleep quality and duration, rebalance different organs and joints, reduce pain, help with headaches and migraines, and even combat aging conditions of the skin. We are so excited for the debut of our new facial reflexology tool, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits of facial reflexology for the face.

What is Facial Reflexology all About?

Facial reflexology uses a pen-like tool with a rounded end to stimulate certain points on the face that are said to correspond to the body’s various organs. Massaging and/or applying pressure to these points is thought to heal the body by affecting areas of the brain which are responsible for the regulation of those organs. At present, facial reflexology is thought to promote better sleep, regulate mood disorders, relieve headaches and clear sinuses, and provide a detox-like effect for the entire body. 

What we do know for sure is that facial reflexology- when studied as a type of facial massage without the purported links to other organs- does have some documented benefits for the skin. Massage improves blood flow to the face resulting in almost immediate rejuvenated skin appearance, along with improved texture and tone over time. Want to read more about the skin benefits of facial massage? Check out Why Facial Massage is a Powerful Anti-Aging Procedure.

Facial reflexology essentially boosts circulation to the face, which helps to nourish our skin cells. Blood carries with it nutrients and oxygen and delivers it to the skin cells, keeping them healthy and vital. Not only that, but this boosted blood flow also works to carry waste products (including those pesky free radicals!) away from the working cells of the face. And this treatment doesn’t need to take over your routine, just like a quick 5 minute facial massage, our facial reflexology tool can significantly increase facial skin blood flow, according to a report by Science Daily.

Just one session of facial reflexology can leave your skin with a more radiant glow, but a consistent routine will bring with it the most pronounced benefits. And like we said above, it can seriously help to improve so many areas of the body from tension + stress, to joint pain, adrenal fatigue, indigestion, etc. Committing to a facial reflexology practice 3-5 times per week is ideal to see maximum results. You’ll benefit from a healthy dose of self-care and stress-relief with the side effects of healthy, hydrated, soothed skin. Check out our Facial Reflexology tool, here.

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