Originally Published: JULY 4, 2015

Staying healthy while travelling- someone's gotta do it!

Bring snacks. Pack a jar with healthy omegas to sprinkle on meals when eating out. Hemp, seeds, chia, flax- whatever you like! Stock up on trail mixes, energy balls, fresh fruit, and veggies.

Pack your lunch the night before for travel days. Invest in a sweet cooler so you have no excuse for stopping at Wendy’s for fries. 

Bring a water bottle with you. EVERYWHERE.

Research ahead of time healthy restaurants + smoothie and juice bars in the area you are going to.

Invest in a travellers probiotic to keep you on track. These don’t have to be kept in the fridge!

Bring things with you that will help you to continue to get the best sleep you can: a pillow, your favourite blanket, essential oils, a black out curtain, etc.

Pack your own herbal teas and a travel tea mug. Heck, bring some coconut or rice milk along for coffee!

Magnesium serves many functions in the body and is a useful addition to your travel kit for aiding in a good night’s rest, proper bowel function and relaxing the nervous system. 

Always keep a pair of running shoes in the car to hit the trails or the airport gym!

Try and keep a regular routine as much as possible.  Eat at the same times, sleep at the same times and get daily exercise in.  Your body loves a schedule, it tells it when to release certain hormones, start digesting foods and begin to wind down for bed.

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