Originally published: MAY 25, 2021

Do you notice your skin doesn’t produce much oil? Do you have blackheads or pores that are smaller in size? Does your skin feel and appear dry?  Then this post is for you.

First off, you should simplify your skincare. Stop with the harsh chemicals, fragrances, over exfoliation and aggressive skin care treatments. Strip it back! 

  1. Oil cleanse: a wonderful way to help sooth and clean the skin, while respecting its lipid barrier.
  2. Tone: Choose one with rose or lavender floral water, aloe and make sure it's alcohol free. Witch hazel is a useful ingredient- just double check its the alcohol free version.
  3. Add moisture: Lastly, soothe and hydrate with an oil serum that will help to repair the skin biome. Ingredients like jojoba, sweet almond, argan, rose hip, sea buckthorn oils are all great options. Remember to spritz your face before applying your oil, with your toner or a hydrosol. Water is needed to bring the oil into the skin. Spritz again afterwards to add a layer of moisturizer to lock it all in.


You may want to introduce anti inflammatory Omega 3-6-9, healing zinc, a quality probiotic, and blood cleansing chlorophyll. Check with your health practitioner before introducing anything new.


Be mindful of what you eat + drink that dehydrates your skin. This includes boxed and bagged foods, caffeine, alcohol, consuming a lot of “Dry” goods like crackers, cereal, chips, etc. Up the intake of water, coconut water, herbal teas and healthy fats.

Above all, less is more here. Use a few, quality products to get your skin to a happy, healthy place. When it is there, then you can start to slowly introduce new products or tools.  This is an inside and outside job.

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