Originally Published: MAY 24, 2015

At the gym I consult at in town, we have a little box titled "Ask Nicole".  You are able to place your weird, wacky and wild questions in this cute container, anonymously so no one's the wiser!  This week I had a question regarding afternoon cravings.  This person experiences an intense craving for salty treats and diet pop mid afternoon- what to do! Well, here we go:

Question: Everyday between 3-4pm I feel I need salt and a diet pepsi.  What could I substitute these for?

Great question!  Many of us find ourselves in the same routine day after day, feeling either a slump mid-afternoon or some serious cravings of the mind + belly.  Salt is a super important mineral for the body and helps to regulate many important processes.  Keeping your salt levels in check is important, here are some suggestions for the afternoon when the salt hankering approaches.

  • Sometimes salt cravings can signal low adrenals, or too much stress. Check in with your body and mind. Go for a walk, and soak up the sun and the breeze.  Take a few minutes to check in with your breath and slow it down, take big inhalations and strong exhalations.  If stress is a major factor in your life, consider seeking out lifestyle options to help lessen the stress.
  • dehydration: salt cravings can signal dehydration.  Drink a large glass of pure water, wait and see what your body wants.  Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day
  • use good quality salts: ditch the table salt and stock up on celtic or himalayan salts that come with loads of minerals! hint: a little bit goes a long way!
  • keep rice crackers and hummus at your desk for a salty/protein fix
  • raw, unsalted trail mix is a great source of protein and fats to keep you satisfied, make your own and add salt to it
  • switch from diet pop to sparkling water, and flavour it with lemons or limes, citrus fruits or berries- or even better, try some gut-loving Kombucha that still has the fizz you like
  • make some popcorn (the old-school way) and take it to work. Low in calories and should satisfy that salty craving.
  • celery or apple and a nut butter
  • hard boiled eggs topped with sea salt and pepper
  • few olives and good quality local cheese with rice crackers

Hope this helps make your afternoon a little brighter and healthier:) 


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