Layering Basics – How To Layer On Your Products

“Now that I have all the products you need to support healthy and happy skin, how do I apply them all? Does the cream go first or the serum? When do I apply the eye cream? None of the products go on nicely because my face is so dry. Help please!” You are not alone! We get these questions often. We will break down the best way to layer your skin care products so keep on reading.


After cleansing and using your toner, you will layer lightest to heaviest. If you are using Hyaluronic Acid (HA)  and we highly recommend that you do, this will go first. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which is a substance that is used to help reduce the loss of moisture, making it a beneficial foundation to your skincare ritual. (Learn more about why Hyaluronic Acid is important for skin.


If you don’t have any issues with acne, you can skip this step. The time for spot treatment is now. Using a spot treatment can help lessen the time of an active breakout and also help with calming and protecting the area. It is important to remember that spot treatments should only be used on the affected area and not on the entire face. Most spot treatments are concentrated so be careful with application in order to not cause unnecessary drying of the face.


This is where things can get confusing for some. Light oils + serums are next. Serums + oils tend to sink deeper into the skin as opposed to creams. It is important that they go on before your creams in order for them to get the best penetration. Serums like our Triple Threat Serum can help soothe and moisturize your skin. Our Moon Light Magic Oil is great for restoring skin.


Now is the time to apply your heavier creams/moisturizers. Applying creams after your serums + oils will create a barrier for your skin. Creams do not have the same penetration as oils + serums, but they create a barrier to the elements that oils + serums are not able to. One of our favorite creams is the Hydrating Whipped Face + Body Cream because it is perfect for hydrating skin, fighting breakouts, and keeping wrinkles at bay. If you are in need of a more intense cream, try our Better Butter which helps when you are dealing with extremely dry skin issues like eczema.  


Last but not least, this is when you can use eye cream or vitamin E oil. If using vitamin E oil, you only want to apply it at night because it has a thick consistency. Vitamin E oil is great for scarring, under the eyes, sunburns, psoriasis, etc.

I know that seems like alot but you can see how all the products perform different tasks but how they are all needed to support your skin. Layering your skin care is important to maximize the effectiveness of your products. 

Two other important tips to mention is that you want to make sure your face isn’t dry when you apply these products. Your face doesn’t have to be dripping wet, but you will need to spritz toner, hydrosal, or use our travel mister in between the layers of products making sure to keep the skin damp. You also need to make sure that you are taking time to massage these products in and press everything into your skin at each step.

Remember, Less is more! :) You got this!

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