Originally published: DECEMBER 11, 2018

It happens to the best of us. We try to power through and stay healthy, but those nasty cold and flu bugs find their way in. It’s especially important to take time and care for yourself this time of year - the holiday hustle and bustle can be hectic. You might not be getting enough rest, dealing with added stress, and maybe over-indulging in the holiday treat and bevy department (us too).

All of this can take a toll on your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to the latest virus making the rounds at the office or holiday party. But don’t bust out that bubble suit just yet! There are some effective ways to help protect your immunity and recover faster if that cold or flu comes knocking. Empower your body with these immune-boosting tips and keep yourself, and others, feeling good year-round.


Body brushes are excellent immune boosters because they act as a wake-up call to get your lymphatic system flowing. Your lymph (the fluid that circulates your system) is responsible for collecting waste throughout your body - that’s right, it’s a trash collector! The act of brushing signals it to collect and dispose of the garbage in your body. Using a brush - dry OR wet - is a great way to support your immune system on a daily basis.


Detox my… TONGUE?? While we sleep, our digestive system takes this time to remove toxins from our bodies. Overnight, these babies make their way to the surface of the tongue… gross. If we don’t scrape them away, these toxins can be reabsorbed into the body leading to respiratory difficulties, digestive imbalances, and a compromised immune system.

So help your body out with a copper tongue scraper! Copper has been used for centuries as a bacteria-resistant material, and also provides enzymes that support the longevity of healthy microbes in the mouth. Think of scraping your tongue like washing your face or brushing your teeth - it’s all a part of a balanced lifestyle. Plus - it reduces bad


Even if you follow a healthy diet, your body might need a helping hand during cold and flu season. Good news - collagen is an immune system booster with Vitamin C levels that are off the charts! It helps build antibodies to fight off the yuckies, and has antiviral properties. Adding this to your daily coffee, smoothie, or soothing tea will help bring your body to an alkaline state, where those nasty bugs can’t survive. Plus, this product is packed with berries, botanicals, minerals, and other superfoods that are great for your skin. It’s a win-win.


When you’re sick, there’s nothing better than a hot shower. Now, you can add this cold + flu shower steamer to the mix and kick that cold to the curb. We swear, this tiny product packs a delightful punch! Essential oils of ginger, pine, frankincense, wintergreen, and peppermint help to break up congestion, decrease inflammation, and fight off bacterial invaders.

Hot Tip - Looking for a concentrated dose? Add a steamer to the luxurious foot bath, sit back, and relax.


You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again - go to bed early! Sleep allows the body to stay alert and healthy, warding off the latest trendy virus that may be trying to enter your bloodstream.  Sleep deprivation dampens the production of the antibodies needed to fight infection.

Here are a few tips to increase your quality of sleep:

  • Put away that phone at least 45 minutes before bed. The blue screen light falsely signals to your body that it’s still daytime, and prevents the production of melatonin for sleeping. Grab a book, meditate, or listen to your favourite music instead.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and sugar that will throw your blood sugar out of whack, keeping you up all night long.
  • Make sure your room is dark enough, any light coming in can signal to the body that it’s daytime. Look around for some blackout curtains - there are many cute and affordable styles to choose from!
  • Go for a walk after dinner. The fresh air helps to settle the body and create a state of peace and rest.

Let’s get through the cold and flu season together! Take action now, and you’ll thank yourself later. Remember, if you do get sick it’s so important to really take care of yourself and give your body a fighting chance. Check out our new Immune Boost Kit in the shop - arriving just in time to save you during the holidays. Take care and rest up XO

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