Originally published: NOVEMBER 27, 2016

Anytime my skin is getting' all wacky on me, nettle is my go-to. Especially in these dehydrating winter months, this mineral rich herb seems to fill my skin with exactly what it needs each time. It takes away the weird little bumps I get on my forehead sometimes, cleans and clears up my complexion, and makes me look like a hydrated acre of organic farm land:)

Nettle is anti-inflammatory, astringent, bactericidal, healing, and a mild deodorant. It is high in phenols, which give nettle powerful antioxidant properties and help keep the free radicals away- the things that cause premature aging. 

Chlorophyll is super high in nettles, and lends itself to being a fantastic blood cleanser. And since blood runs right under your skin, it's a no-brainer to drink in order to clear aways the skins debris. 

How to:

Add a generous TBSP of dried leaf (bought at the tea shop) to your pot of tea. I like to steep for at least 10-15minutes to get all the goodies out. I usually have a hot glass, and drink the rest once cooled instead of water that day.

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