Originally Published: NOVEMBER 8, 2015

This little fighter is small but mighty! It plays multiple supporting roles in the body, one of them being a filter for blood as part of our immune system. The spleen also helps fight certain kinds of bacteria, removes damaged red blood cells, and is a huge part of our immune system. It produces the white blood cells that fight infection and synthesize antibodies. Not sure where it is? It's located below the ribcage but above the stomach in the upper left quadrant of your abs.

Did you know: 10% of people have a small extra spleen called an accessory spleen. Crazy! This is normal and is nothing to lose sleep over:)

A low functioning spleen may present itself with: fatigue, weakness in the arms and legs or heaviness in the four limbs, bloating, edema, sallow complexion, loose stools, low appetite, stuffy feeling in chest, nausea, brain fog

Let's keep this guy healthy and in return, you as well. Here we go!

Not supporting the spleen //

  • Periods of prolonged stress
  • Unhealthy/irregular eating habits
  • Mental over-work (studying super long hours, working super long hours)
  • Eating too fast, overeating, not chewing enough, eating with meals
  • Eating too much cold food or drinks.
  • Not enough exercise 

Spleen support //

  • Deep breathing exercises upon waking and going to bed. Take 5 deep breaths, imaging fresh oxygen filling up that organ and breathing it into new life.
  • Small, frequent meals are more easily digested than large, heavy ones. This also prevents blood sugar crashes and weakness because you are fuelling the body every few hours.
  • Warming spices such as ginger, pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon increase the spleens ability to digest
  • Your spleen needs fluids to function properly so get that fresh water, coconut water, fresh squeezed juices, and herbal teas in! Fluids are how it cleanses itself and kicks toxins from your body.
  • Fresh ginger tea- strengthens your immunity, decreases inflammation, and helps digest protein.
  • Fatty fish are jam packed with inflammation fighting omega 3's. These healthy unsaturated fats help your spleen cleanse itself of toxins like cigarette smoke and alcohol. Other image 3 lovelies include: ground flax seed, pumpkin seed (and oil), + walnuts.
  • Exercise every day- especially ab-moves and squats to strengthen the spleen


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