Originally Published: JUNE 7, 2016

The summer season is shining on us, and that means ice-cream for breakfast! Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, glorious.. Frozen bananas are a staple in our home, because ya' never know when the ice-cream monsta' is going to HIT! This can be a healthy treat in place of your usual breakfast or an anytime snack.

  1. Slice the bananas and freeze on a parchment covered baking sheet for at least 25 minutes.
  2. Put the frozen sliced bananas and raw cacao powder (2 tbsp or to taste) in a food processor (a blender can also be used) and turn on.
  3. Blend together until the mixture looks like soft serve ice cream (1-2 minutes).
  4. I topped with raspberry jam + added in a scoop of plain plant-based protein powder for blood sugar regulation + sprinkled with sesame seeds
  5. Optional: ideas are endless! Cinnamon, nuts and seeds, seed butters, fresh fruits, balsamic glaze, superfoods like spirulina and Maca.
  6. Eat right away, it melts quickly and doesn't store well in the freezer once made.

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