Originally published: OCTOBER 19, 2021

Maybe, you have seen our Magnesium Spray + Joint Butter on the website, but you have been hesitant in making that purchase because 1.) you aren’t sure of how to use these two products and 2.) you aren’t sure if they are worth the purchase. Let’s break down these two products to better understand their uses as well as their necessity.

Magnesium Spray

Did you know that magnesium helps perform around 300 different functions in our bodies? Our bodies used to have ample amounts of magnesium due to our soil being so rich in magnesium which made our produce rich in magnesium. Over time, our soil has lost much of its richness of magnesium which has made it harder for us to get the amount of magnesium our bodies need on a daily basis making supplementing magnesium a necessity.

Our Magnesium Spray is made of magnesium flakes, water, + an essential oil blend to help with inflammation. This spray helps with muscle cramping and soreness, restless legs, and those dreaded foot cramps. It also works to help reduce pain, improve sleep, relieve stress, reduce hypertension, and can also be beneficial for migraine relief and reducing PMS symptoms. Here are few tips about using our Magnesium Spray:

  1. Spray 2-4 times a day, morning, night, + when needed, and massage into skin. It might feel a little oily when first applied, but it is not an oil and will absorb quickly.
  2. Apply to the bottom of the feet when just applying on a normal basis. Our feet absorb things so well. Also, apply to any area that you are experiencing cramping or pain. It can be applied to your neck, shoulders, legs,+ stomach area during menstrual cycle.
  3. Use for nervous system issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness, + irritability. Spray + massage on the spine area to help relax and relieve the nervous system.

Joint Butter

Our Joint Butter is much like our Magnesium Spray in that it helps relieve aches + pains. This butter is made with a blend of oils + butters to aid in pain relief from joint discomfort + related ailments or diseases. The Joint Butter can be applied directly to the area that is causing discomfort a few times a day.

Keep a lookout for more tips and tricks on using our products! We want you to get the full experience from our products because they were made to enhance your lives.

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