Originally published: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

It’s finally fall, everyone!! Some of us have already been feeling the weather changes while others are still trying to bring on the fall weather with every PSL, sweater, and pair of boots bought. Whether the temperature has dropped yet where you are, we all know it will eventually. It is important that you are prepared and have a game plan where your skin is concerned! In the last two blog posts (How to Switch up Your Skincare Routine for Fall and Winter — Lunah Life + Cold Weather Skin Tips — Lunah Life), we have discussed different tips and tricks to help you transition your skin from warmer to cooler weather.

It can be so helpful to have a plan in place in order to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that come with weather changes. One of those pitfalls is DRY skin. Yuck! That is why we are going to discuss ways to moisturize your skin properly when it’s cold outside. Below you will find a few ways to make sure your skin stays moisturized in colder weather:


  • CLEANSE LESS - Although cleansing is important, you want to be careful not to cleanse too often in the colder months to avoid excess drying of the skin. You especially do not want to cleanse with a harsh cleanser that has drying ingredients. A product that isn’t harsh and that is moisturizing in nature will do wonders for your skin. You can use something like our Crystal Facial Soap Bars — Lunah Life or The Triple Threat Serum — Lunah Life to keep your skin hydrated. Both of these cleansers are not made with harsh chemicals and are designed for hydration.
  • SERUM MORE - It is so important to use a serum during colder weather. If your serum is applied properly, it will help keep your skin hydrated. You always want to make sure to apply your serum to damp skin in order to get the best penetration. It may seem counterintuitive to add an oil to skin that already produces oil, but environmental factors will strip your skin of the oils it produces so it is important to nourish your skin with oils. A serum that you could use to help lock in moisture and restore is our Moon Light Magic Over Night Oil — Lunah Life.
  • GET A CREAM - Yes, you need a cream too! During the colder months, your main concern should be HYDRATION! Applying your cream over your oil serum on your face will help keep your skin extra moisturized by locking in your serum and giving your skin extra hydration. No, you can't have too many layers. Not only does your face need hydrating moisturizer, but your body also needs hydration. A two-in-one like this Whipped Face + Body Cream — Lunah Life might be perfect for if you are in need of a hydrating cream.

Although these are simple tips, they will make your skin golden when implemented in your cold weather routine. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to help you through the colder month!

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