Has your skin been more upset recently than ever before? Does it seem that you are unable to get your acne under control? Is it a relief sometimes that you are able to hide your skin under a mask? If you said yes to any of those, know that you are not alone! So many people right now are dealing with unusual breakouts due to the mask wearing as well as the extra stresses that we are all dealing with. 

It’s obvious that there is a problem. But how do you treat these issues? Stop wearing masks? That is not really an option. Buy expensive masks that are supposed to help stop acne? That’s more than likely a gimmick. Try all the newest acne treatments on the market? No, that won’t work either!

Now you are wondering what we suggest. Here it is:

Don’t overdue the skin!

Yes, that is it!  It sounds counterintuitive, but your skin is already irritated. There is no need to add a ton of new products into your regimen that could possibly cause more irritation. When the skin is unhappy, you should keep your skincare routine simple until your skin is in a happy place again. There are a few products we recommend that are simple + natural:

If you haven’t added a facial toner to your routine, maybe now is the time. Our 3-in-1 Toner is a great facial toner to use to aid in hydration + purification. Also, our Triple Threat Serum can be used as a cleanser + moisturizer. Both of these products are made with natural ingredients and are helpful in creating balanced skin as well as moisturizing the skin.. If you are dealing with scarring, our Vitamin E Oil can help to reduce scar tissue. Lastly, get a facial if possible. We offer holistic facials at Lunah Life! We would love for you to book with us. If that is not possible, try to find a holistic facial service provider in your area.

Hopefully, this will help you get your skin to happy again! 

Remember: What you put in your body is just as important to what you put on your face!

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