Originally published: OCTOBER 5, 2021

Everyone wants healthy, clear skin! Most people think that the only way to achieve that healthy, clear, glowing skin is through their skincare regime. But no matter how great your skincare products, even if they are natural, you are still finding yourself dealing with those pesky skin issues. So what gives?

Have you ever heard the phrase “You are what you eat”? Even though that statement has become somewhat of a cliché, it holds much truth. Although genetics play an important role in healthy skin, and it is also important to have good, natural skincare products, the foods you eat and how your body digests that food also plays a significant role on your skin. Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, etc. can all be signs of poor digestion and inflammatory foods.

Good, natural skincare is important to cleanse your skin on the outside. But just as you use certain cleansers and serums to clean and moisturize your skin on the outside, certain foods can aid proper digestion and in nourishing your skin from the inside. Have you ever noticed how you feel after eating a meal filled with colorful veggies, protein, and whole foods as opposed to a meal that you picked up in a drive-thru that is full of processed mystery and grease?

If you are able to recall that sluggish feeling you get after eating a meal filled with lots of sodium and over processed carbs, can you imagine how your digestive system feels? When we eat over processed meals, our body has to work harder to break down the food. Along with our digestive system having to work harder, our bodies aren’t able to get many nutrients from those kinds of foods which means our skin isn’t being nourished properly from within. This can further cause symptoms of indigestion + inflammation- which can lead to flare ups of skin and health imbalances. You may notice when you eat certain things, your skin gets worse. This is a signal that your body is sensitive to those foods, and it would be a good idea to eliminate or find healthier alternatives.

How can you support healthy digestion? Eat more whole foods. Drink more water. Exercise. Add in digestive enzymes. Use facial reflexology. It will take time, but over time you will be able to see improvement in your digestion and in your skin.

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