Let’s talk about the eyes for a little bit. Do you deal with dark circles or puffiness? Overall, just tired looking eyes? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

Causes of puffiness, dark circles, etc:

+ lack of sleep (not enough or poor quality)

+ lack of hydration

+ too much caffeine/ stimulants

+ kidney strain

+ anxiety/stress

+ genes

+ poor blood flow/circulation

+ lack of lymph and movement: buildup puts pressure

on the under eye area and also causes congestion.

Like most skin issues, the eyes are affected by our internal state. Things you are eating or drinking, the amount of water you intake everyday, and the amount of sleep you get directly affect the health of your eyes. 

The health of your kidneys also play a big role in the health of the eyes. The kidneys’ job is to filter blood (goes back to the body), remove waste (which becomes urine), control the body’s fluid balance, and keep the right amount of electrolytes. Amazing, right?! After learning the job of the kidneys, one can see the importance of keeping your kidneys in optimal health. Here are a few things that harm optimal kidney function:

Kidney Abusers

+ Interrupted sleep

+ Excess protein consumption (especially animal protein)

+ Being an avid traveler (especially engaging in habitual dehydrating air


+ Over-exercising

+ Excess water-consumption

+ Deficient water-consumption

+ Inconsistent eating habits

+ Taking too many supplements in pill form

+ Low body temperature and exposure to cold

+ Excess sodium consumption

Some ways you can help keep your kidneys functioning at optimal health is to maintain hydration, be careful of caffeine and sodium intake, take only supplements that are beneficial to you, deep sleep in a dark room, use no electronics or stimulants after 2pm if possible, and avoid animal protein because too much dense protein will overwork our kidneys. A vegetarian diet is much more beneficial for those of us with kidney issues. Eating as many hydrating fruits and veggies like dandelion, ginger, asparagus, blueberries, cranberries, string beans, cilantro, parsley, nettle tea, cabbage, greens, beets, lemon (juice), turmeric, etc, will help to cleanse both the kidneys and blood.

Other Things To Help With Eye Health

Along with the kidneys in optimal health, making sure you are hydrating properly, and sufficient quality sleep, chlorophyll can be beneficial because it is a rich detoxifier which assists the liver, blood, and colon in getting things cleaned up. Another lifestyle change that can be implemented is the use of gua sha/facial rollers or facial cupping. Gua Sha/facial rollers can be helpful because they reduce stress, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and enhance your overall skin tone. Facial cupping can benefit the skin by lifting stagnancy from the skin, creating life and energy where skin is dull and lifeless, encouraging mega circulation, decreasing soft lines and wrinkles, and more. 

For how-to videos about gua sha, facial rollers, and facial cupping, click here.

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