Originally published: FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Don’t be fooled by its beauty - this is no ordinary moon. This February full moon, known as the Snow Moon, is also a SUPER MOON. The stars have aligned and tonight, when at its closest point to the Earth in orbit, the moon will be the biggest and brightest for all of 2019.

This radiant orb has been a part of our physical and spiritual lives since the beginning of time. Ancient civilizations tracked the moon and used it to mark and define the seasons. The full moon is magnetic and affects our energy, helping us to realize our potential and open our hearts and minds to possibility. We can use this time to increase awareness, consciousness, and let go of things that no longer serve us.

The super snow moon is a chance for all of us to buckle down and get crystal clear on what we want in life, from relationships, our inner-selves, our food game, exercise, and so much more! Each month, we have the power to take a personal inventory of what works (for keeps), and what doesn’t (BYE!).  This is the biggest supermoon of 2019, so the power it carries is infinite. Take 5 minutes to take in this beautiful part of our universe, and think about your own life.  Soak up the healing glow and let your light shine.

Tools for Full Moon Ritual:

  • Notebook or Journal
  • Your favourite pen
  • Candle
  • Essential oils
  • Palo Santo or sage stick
  • Crystals (Clear Quartz, Selenite, Labradorite)

Clear Quartz - This stone reflects moonlight, helping to clear and purify, and harmonize the chakras.

Selenite - Named for Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, this crystal radiates light energy helping you to recharge and clear negative energies.

Labradorite - This stunning stone provides a touch of magic and assists with self-discovery, allowing you to go deep into your own awareness and intuition - perfect for the full moon!

Find a quiet place to sit and meditate in the moonlight. Make the space comfortable and inspiring - burn a candle and diffuse your favourite essential oils. Take this moment to be present with your thoughts. Expose any repetitive thoughts, worries, or fears you may notice and embrace your wishes and desires. Use your journal to take note of what you experience and record your intentions to take forward with you into the next phase. Once your ritual is complete, use the palo santo or sage to cleanse the space.

Healing Crystal Power

Did you know you can use the full moon to charge-up your crystals?

1) Place the crystal of your choice under your pillow during the night of the full moon to unlock the moon’s power in your dream world, and send messages of intuition.

2) Place a crystal (or several) under the moonlight for them to charge overnight. Set an intention!

3) During your full moon ritual or meditation, keep a stone of your choosing next to you, to help you go deeper into your spiritual practice.

Until next time Lunah lovers, soak up some serious moonlight and get your glow on. :)

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