EVE OF 2019

Originally published: DECEMBER 31, 2018


As we finish up what is left of 2018, it's great to look back , even if just for 10 minutes, to reflect and set some new goals, or maybe just ONE WORD, that will represent 2019 for you. It’s funny, (now that I am older), how much this night has changed for me.  It’s gone from dance parties, lineup, high heels, and late night cabs, to a total gear shift. It now makes me excited with the magic it carries. The magic of the history of the year past, written in every sunrise to sunset, and the possibilities of what the year ahead holds. This night now means reflection, choosing new goals, comparing them to the last year, cleansing the home and myself, and choosing activities that day that really make me happy, make me slow down, and make me put the “old” to rest.

A few Lunah items that may help in this journey of yearly transitions.

Facial Steams:

Light a candle, play the music that makes you feel good. Breath deeply, settle your mind, and after 10 minutes, throw on a mask. Cleanse that baby off and take time to tone, moisturize and set that beautiful skin for the first day of 2019.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo has a warm, delicately sweet woody aroma and grows on the coast of South America. It's known as “holy wood,”and is a great choice for cleansing your home, and welcoming in the new energies of 2019.  It also works well for mental and emotional clarity as well.

Diffuse it, add it to your own skincare or wear it♡

Other uses? Common cold, stress, flu symptoms, migraines, depression, and anxiety. Purify and clean your spirit from negative energies. 

Detox Salt Body Polish

What better way to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new? You are literally scrubbing away dead skin, old debris to let your newness shine through!  Start at your feet and work in circular motions towards your heart. You could even add in a loving mantra about your body, your life or your goals as you complete this meditative process.


We have a couple of beautiful journal buddies in the shop section, to guide you along your path of 2019. If you don’t write down your goals, dreams, to-do’s… they often get forgotten. Let us help you make your dreams come to life.

Above all, enjoy the night! Don’t worry too much about resolutions, but instead think of how you can take baby steps to better yourself. Set goals, set intentions, say goodbye to old ways and welcome new ones with arms wide open. We wish for you an abundance of positivity, eyes wide with wonderment, adventures you never thought you would take, and more happiness then you know. xo

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