Originally published: NOVEMBER 12, 2018

The fountain of youth may be an elusive myth, but we've found the next best thing. Lunah’s new Beauty Tea harnesses the power of the Schisandra berry – a powerful ancient herb that has been adored by women through the ages for its skin hydration and protection properties.

Historically, in the Royal Courts of China, this super ingredient was only accessible to the one-percent, but now everyone can experience the beauty benefits!

This calming tea, which also features rose petals and nettle leaf, has arrived just in time for winter to warm you up and keep your skin feeling beautiful in the cold weather.

Schizandra Berry Benefits:

  • A powerful anti-anxiety herb and mood-booster
  • Balances the fluids in the skin, locks in hydration, and protects against sun/wind damage
  • Detoxifies by aiding liver functions and helps increase the body’s levels of the detoxifying enzyme glutathione

Nettle Leaf & Root Benefits:

  • Astringent and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Treats eczema, hair loss, and dandruff (perfect for that dry winter scalp!)

Rose Petal Benefits:

  • Natural oils soothe the skin and help retain moisture
  • Rich in Vitamin C, helps to protect from sun damage
  • Necessary for anyone suffering from dry or environmentally damaged skin, or is going through the cycles of aging

Tips and Tricks:

  • Brew hot and add a touch of your favourite honey for its skin loving properties
  • Brew cold and squeeze in fresh lemon to help your body alkalize and glow!
  • Add to our sandalwood facial grains for a mineral rich mask
  • Add a splash to your smoothie instead of water for a beauty nutrient boost

We partnered with one of our favourite local companies, The New New Age, on this tea. We chose them because their farming practices, business standards, and their level of ethical and environmental responsibility are off-the-charts. This gang is legit - please check out their online shop and keep an eye out for more exciting things ahead… 

Consider this Beauty Tea a little bit of everyday magic. Drink up! You deserve it.

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