Originally Published: MAY 25, 2016

Gasp! Time is running and it's been a dog's age since I've written. I've missed letting it all out on the interweb. So let's get down to the chakra business. When dealing with clients' imbalances as an R.H.N, it's important to look down the spiritual path as well. When you catch a cold, or get an aching pain in your lower back- it may not all be related to what you haven't eaten, or the sleep that hasn't been happening. Ya know what I'm sayin'? And based on the jam-packed audience at the Chakra workshop I held, I would say you do know what I'm sayin'! Let's start with the first  chakra and talk about the other goodies in another soulful post.

Root Chakra:  Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra (Muladhara) forms our foundation and is the building block on which all other chakras rest. Feelings of security, trust and survival, especially when it comes to relationships within friends, family and the environment around us, all start here.  When this chakra is spinning in balance, we are like healthy warriors. Grounded, strong and secure. 

Trouble areas: Spinal column, legs, feet, hips, lower back, kidneys

Physical dysfunctions: chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, depression, immune related disorders, allergies, eczema/psoriasis, addictions, weight gain/loss 

Healing foods: root veggies + protein + red produce

Root Veggies: Beets, rutabagas, garlic, ginger, turnips, potatoes, and parsnips, etc. 

Red foods: pomegranates, apples, red peppers, cranberries, beets, red potatoes, tomatoes, cherries, strawberries. These foods are also high in vitamin C. A vitamin that is used by many parts of the body that the root chakra protects (bones, teeth, immune system).

Protein + edible mushrooms: beans + lentils, spirulina, goji berries, tempeh, organic dairy products, bone broths, chaga mushrooms, reishi, 

Great root chakra meal? Roasted root veggies Now go and get a bit of root chakra love in  your life:)

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