Originally published: MARCH 12, 2019


This is like, edition two of body talk! I’ve always loved the idea of face mapping, and used it for years in my practice with clients. It can be a very useful tool, and is definitely another way the body uses to tell you what’s going on inside. Take a look below and match the numbers to the face above, for the secrets of the face:)

(*disclaimer- this is not to be used to treat, heal, diagnose of any sort.)

In regards to each system below, keep a food journal and assess dietary habits and common food culprits (dairy, soy, gluten, chocolate, sugar, corn, food colouring)

1 + 2 Digestive System + Bladder: Hydration and improve diet. Incorporate more water filled veggies and fruit. Watch for things that are dehydrating you. Could also indicate food allergy.

Do: daily bowel movements + 2litres water + fresh whole natural foods + probiotics + Exercise + go to bed early and wake up early (giving system a break) + chew + keep a food diary + check external situations + fibre + HCL + assess liver health

Don’t: processed foods + caffeine + sugar + stimulants + overeat + drink with meals + worry + stay up late

3 Liver: Slow down, cut back on alcohol, and/or reduce intake of dairy. Overconsumption of alcohol, rich foods and possible lactose intolerance.

Do: vitamin B rich foods + bitter greens + lemon water + whole foods diet (v and m), beets + ground flax + liver detox tea + garlic and onion

Don’t: bad fats + toxins + overburden + prescription drugs + sugar +heavy, rich foods + eat 3 hours before bed

4 + 10, 6 + 8 Kidneys (eyes and ears): Put down the latte. If your ears feel hot or swollen, the inflammation could be due to dehydration. Cut soda, caffeine and alcohol out. Dark circles in this area also mean more water and sleep, and improved elimination.

Do: hydrate with water, herbal tea, electrolyte rich coconut water, fresh fruits and veggies + balance calcium and magnesium rich foods + assess deeply rooted fears + take responsibility for your own life and actions + b6, b5, Mg, Potassium

Don’t: too much animal protein + alcohol + overly toxic + prescription drugs + sodium intake (processed foods, red meat, cheese)

Temple acne: Reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet (healthy fats from avocado and fish are okay) + Eat cooling foods like bitter melon, cucumbers, chlorella, and squash.

5 + 9 Respiratory system: Smoker? Allergies? Asthma? Respiratory distress? If experiencing acne in the lower parts of the cheek, it may signal dental issues.

Do: air cleansing house plants + assess for inflammation +increase anti viral/bacterial/inflammatory foods and spices (garlic, onion, turmeric, ginger, clove, oregano) + vitamin C plus bioflavonoids have antihistamine + exercise + immune system building blocks (protein, antioxidants)

Don’t: food sensitivities/allergies + carpet + perfumes and chemicals + smoke + stress

Jawline: possible dental issues

7 Heart: Chill out. Breakouts here can be directly related to blood pressure or early stages of rosacea. Incorporate stress reduction techniques, detox your social circle, watch your intake of bad fats.

Do: High fibre + pure filtered water + plant based diet + antioxidants + B complex + Cal/Mg + exercise + arterial cleansing formula + meditation + relax + increase joy and love + practice forgiveness + clean blood

Don’t: toxic chemicals + caffeine + alcohol + smoking + stress + self-critical + over-working +assess lifestyle factors

12 Stomach: Chin is linked to the small intestine, so breakouts may indicate a buildup of toxins, or need to eat more fibre.

Do: prebiotics (artichoke, jicama, onion, asparagus, barley) probiotics + fermented foods + fruit and veggie with skin + plant based protein and fish + walnuts and flax + apples + carrots + cruciferous veggies

Don’t: sugar + stress + processed foods + food allergies

11 + 13 Hormones: De-stress. Check for imbalances. Eat good fats + cruciferous veggies + hydrate + cut down on hormonal devils + sleep.

Do: healthy fats + stress management + cruciferous veggies + look at plastic intake + lessen toxic load + maca + liquid B-Complex + assess for hormonal imbalances

Don’t: toxic skin/body/hair care + processed foods + refined sugars + caffeine/stimulants

14 Illness: Breakouts here can signal your body is fighting off an infection. Drink fluids, rest and pop those vitamins.

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