Originally Published: JULY 16, 2015

This beautiful testimonial comes from a client that gave me 110% as soon as she stepped into my office. Proof that when you are truly ready for change, the universe will do everything in its power to help you along that ride.

"After attending one of Nicole's wonderful workshops I knew I wanted to hire her as my Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I could sense she was a genuine kind soul, exactly what I needed at this time in my life. When I first connected I was coping with a recent diagnosis of depression. Mornings were my most difficult time of the day. Physically, I was dealing with bloating, sluggishness, exhaustion, very uncomfortable constipation, a lot of headaches and still holding onto the past. Nicole provided the exact kind of structured meetings and follow up practices that were essential in my healing. More importantly, she led our sessions with a true body/mind/spirit connection that left me inspired to put into practice all we discussed. She helped me establish appropriate weekly goals and consistently checked in with me via email. To this day I continue to open my curtains first thing in the morning, a goal we established right from the start!

Nicole helped me with an elimination diet (gluten, dairy and sugar be gone!) that was life changing for me. Through that I discovered a love for so many vegan recipes. If you had asked me a year ago if I would have considered trying vegan I would have said a firm no for no other reason than a lack of knowledge of what that truly meant. With Nicole's guidance, I truly enjoyed eating vegan. Within this an even more powerful force came about, I rediscovered my sense of who I am and my values. 

Nicole is an encyclopedia of nutritional knowledge. I was always so amazed at how much I learned from our sessions together and through the very supportive emails. I had no clue about proper food combinations! To this day that information sheet is on my fridge! That's the awesome thing about my work with Nicole, all of the knowledge she shared with me is now becoming a part of my everyday language and beliefs about how I choose to nourish my body!

As an RHN, Nicole is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely practices from a body/mind/spirit point of view. It is her true passion and thankfully she shares it with the world. With her help I am now having regular, healthy bowel movements, experiencing little to no bloating, and I am seeing the world with more light. When we first met, Nicole asked about my goals. I can still remember saying that truly I just wanted to fall back in love with food again. Well, with Nicole's help, I have done that and more. Life is a journey and within that journey we experience both light and darkness. From my heart to yours, thank you, Nicole for journeying with me. You helped in more ways than words can truly helped bring light back into my life. Thank you!"

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