Originally published: SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

Have you ever had a sweet aroma touch your cute nose, and instantly you remember something associated with that smell? Your first date, that time on the beach in Thailand, you and your dad out for a country drive… These memories sit with us, make us smile and feel good:)

Our sense of smell is a very powerful force! This is why adding essential oils like our Sacred Blends to your daily schedule can actually help you create and stick to a routine. Our Sacred Blends might just be the missing key to helping you enjoy those little in-between moments throughout your day… and stay on schedule!

How to add our Sacred Blends + Your Daily Routine:

  • Morning - Use an uplifting blend to wake up and get ready for your day with  our #0.  A wonderful blend of all the uplifting citrus scents plus sweet vanilla. You may think, damn Lunah, am I waking up in the tropics!?  Other great scents to add to your morning routine are minty Essential oils. Peppermint essential oil, for example, is extremely invigorating and helps to stimulate your mind
  • Mid-day - Choose your perfect option for what you need from day-to-day here:  Take a break to relax - Add a drop of a relaxing blend to the palms of your hands and sniff it in, or add it to a spray bottle to spritz your face and body. You may also find it handy to keep these in your car for the drive home during rush hour.  Essential oils like bergamot, vanilla, lavender, Palo Santo, all help to cleanse the soul, lift your vibration, and give your nervous system a big hug.  Our #111 is perfect for a little lunchtime relaxation.


Take a break to refocus - Try a mix of relaxing and uplifting scents like our #108. It’s a beautiful blend of oils including peppermint, lavender, and sweet orange vanilla to give you just what you need to crush the rest of your day.  Make your own roller ball  with it by adding 10 drops of the EO blend to your carrier oil of choice. Apply it before meetings, the gym, or your afternoon walk around the block.

  • Night-time - Use a blend here that allows you to let go of your day and melt into a peaceful evening. Something like our #3 meditative blend is the perfect remedy to help you wind down from your day. Add a few drops to a bathtub, around the drain during your shower, or to your diffuser for an intoxicating addition to your evening self-care routine. Squeeze in a mini yoga or meditation session to take its relaxing effects to the next level. Then drift off to sleep with a gentle blend known as our #7, the famous whipped butter blend! The uber grounding essential oil in this blend, vetiver, will knock your socks right to sleep:)

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to help us find balance and peace in our daily lives. It’s amazing what a difference just a simple change of smell can make in your mood + mindset. Essential oils have amazing therapeutic benefits when applied or inhaled, and produce profound effects on us psychologically and physically. So, it’s no wonder why pairing these smells with certain parts of our day is so effective in helping us to stay on track and transition smoothly in our daily routine.

BONUS: Use essential oil blends to assist your kids to get in sync with their day! We all know routines are crucial in helping us balance our daily life with our little ones. Give them a fun way to stay on track by letting them share in some aromatherapy bliss. Make sure you are using age appropriate essential oils, and clean, organic (when you can) options. Not all essential oils are made equal, and they are all used at different ages and stages, for safety.

I love using essential oils to help my entire family build + enhance their daily routines. Our sense of smell is an amazing superpower to help us through our daily routine at any age. Check out our full line-up of Sacred Essential Oil Blends here!

Let me know below what essential oils you like to use, when you use them, and why!

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