Calm {anxiety support} with Lavender, fresh Milky Oats, Skullcap & Catnip

Calm {anxiety support} with Lavender, fresh Milky Oats, Skullcap & Catnip

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For anxiety support and nervous system nourishment

Calm is a blend of nervine Plant kin Lavender, Milky Oats, Catnip & Skullcap to soothe anxiety & support the nervous system. Bringing a sense of calm, peace & spaciousness. Also supportive for the digestive system which can often be impacted during times of stress or heightened anxiety. Alcohol Free.

Skullcap is a potent nervine, supporting our nervous system & bringing a sense of calm and peace to the body. Traditionally worked with for Anxiety, and reducing over-thinking, worry, rumination. They are also trophorestorative, meaning they help to actually *heal & restore* the nervous system! They are one of my favorite nervines as they are calming, yet don't make me sleepy. Skullcap is also helpful for nerve pain. In this way they actually help to soothe the nerves & nervous system. They are supportive for folks who experience life intensely. Those who may feel overwhelmed or extra sensitive to lights, sounds, smells, colours, energies, etc. They are also helpful for people who tend to overthink.

Catnip is another lovely nervine. They may help to calm anxiety, and help to cope with stress in a healthier way. It is also helpful for supporting digestion, easing bloating and feelings of being over full.

Fresh Milky Oats are such a deeply soothing & calming Medicine. Known as a trophorestorative, they actually help to not just soothe the nervous system, but also to heal & *restore* proper nervous system function.For burn out, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, for the overworked person, the new (or seasoned!) parent, the Humxn existing within colonial systems trying to create change, heal inter-generational traumas, tend to Community, rally for liberation, show up for others & pour into themselves too. They are helpful when feeling frazzled, easily irritated, frustrated, or just exhausted… really a potent ally for the times. They are a nervine, again, helping to calm & soothe. They are also a relaxant & antispasmodic (reducing muscle spasms, colic, etc) as well as a gentle anti-depressant. I find this action works best over time.

Lastly, fresh Lavender is added to call in their beautiful calming Medicine that so many of us recognize. I had a dream of working with them for protection, helping to clear energy & protect. This dream has stayed with me & I love adding them to protective blends as well. Perhaps in this way they can also help us hold boundaries to protect us from burnout, or energies that drain us or drain our vital force. They are also a nervine, I find that they are quite calming and can help relax the body for a restful sleep as well (though, I don’t find this formula overly sedating with the Lemon Balm added).

Overall, calm. Remembering that harmony & comfort with an attuned and regulated nervous system. The Scullcap & Milky Oats helping to actually restore our nervous system’s balanced function over time as well.

This blend is a tincture made with Organic Non-GMO glycerin vs. alcohol, so it is alcohol free.

WORK WITH CALM: Can work with this blend during times of acute anxiety/stress, or daily for sustained support + rebuilding. Suggested dosage 60-90 drops (or 1.5-2 droppersful) 2-4x/day or as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Lavender, Milky Oats, Skullcap, Catnip, Organic Non-GMO glycerine (coconut based), Spring Water

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