Breathe Deep | Cough + Flu + Cold Support Syrup
Breathe Deep | Cough + Flu + Cold Support Syrup
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Breathe Deep | Cough + Flu + Cold Support Syrup

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Breathe Deep is a powerful cough + cold + flu syrup. Supportive for the Lungs and Respiratory System in general, the Plants chosen for this formula have a focus on removing excess mucous, decreasing congestion, calming a cough, easing a sore throat and overall soothing and inflamed and irritated respiratory system. This includes both the sinuses as well as the lungs.

The blend of Plants work synergistically together to bring relief to ‘head’ & ‘chest’ colds, while also having overall relaxing effects.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Lungs are a seat for deep held grief & sadness. Many of these herbs also support us in releasing & processing these deeply held emotions, in a nourishing and supportive way.

Ingredients: Elecampane, Wild Cherry Bark, Osha/Bear Root, Angelica archangelica, Marshmallow Root, Marshmallow Leaf, Anise, Licorice, Rat Root/Sweet Flag


Work with Breathe Deep any time there is a cough, cold or congestion in the head or chest. May be mixed with Elderberry Elixir for extra immune support. You may want to choose to also do some plain steam inhalations if you have any chest or head congestion, or a cough, as an extra step of support. 1-2tsp as needed. Not for little ones under a year old.


ELECAMPANE is a personal favorite for supporting overall Lung health. They are a warming, anti-microbial, bitter that helps to expel excess mucous, as well as calming a cough. They help the energy to flow properly in the body & are traditionally worked with for asthma, upper respiratory tract infections, emphysema, bronchitis as well as digestive disorders like IBS, leaky gut, indigestion, etc.

WILD CHERRY BARK is a commonly worked with ‘cough’ medicine. They have anti-spasmodic properties which help the bronchial tree relax, to stop a spasm-y cough. Wild Cherry is also slightly calming, and may really help with coughs that keep us (or little ones) up all night. They are worked with for asthma, whooping cough, croup, bronchitis, etc. As a member of the Rose family, I find Wild Cherry to also be calming to the Heart. They help to reduce inflammation & mucous as well. Traditionally they also have an affinity for the blood as a blood tonic.

OSHA/BEAR ROOT is another one of my close allies - they are such a beautiful being that I wanted to create this formula *just* to highlight their healing & Spirit. They help to open up our respiratory tract - I think of them as reminding us to BREATHE. To take in that Life breath, to connect to our Breath, our Vital Force, our Spirit. Remember when we come to Earth, we are given that breath. Osha reminds us of this. They may help to soothe a sore throat, and reduce inflammation as well. They are also called Bear Root & are a protective Plant medicine. {At Risk Plant; sustainably harvested by Indigenous kin & worked with sparingly}

MARSHMALLOW LEAF & ROOT is soothing to the throat, lungs and entire respiratory tract. They add a cooling + moistening effect to this formula as many of the other herbs are quite astringent (drying) and warming. Marshmallow leaf is anti-inflammatory & demulcent, offering that soothing quality to red, inflamed, dry tissues. Often times congestion can co-exist with dryness, Marshmallow leaf is lovely as it won’t *cause* dampness, but is supportive. Marshmallow leaf is also high in Vitamin A - which may be supportive during viral illnesses.

LICORICE is a very soothing & demulcent Root that brings deep healing to this formula. They are a strong anti-inflammatory, adaptogen & immune modulating Plant Medicine. They are an expectorant to help bring up any stuck mucous, as well as very soothing to a dry cough. They are one of my favorite medicines for coughs and sore throats. They add a bit of sweetness & are also a potent immune modulator. {Not to be worked with if there is High Blood Pressure unless directed by a Physician}

ANISE is the only plant friend here that doesn’t grow in the Great Lakes region (ok, well, Bear Root/Osha doesn’t either, but they do grow in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana and we have a deep connection from when my little one was just months old & we harvested with Love). They are very aromatic & delicious. They are also anti-spasmodic and may help support cough, asthma & bronchitis. Again, they also are supportive for the digestive tract, and are slightly anti-microbial.

SWEET FLAG is a traditional cold + flu and digestive ally. Many plants that help our respiratory tract also help our digestive system. Sweet Flag, Rat Root, Calamus gives us strength & stamina, helpful for when we are feeling run down with a cold. They are calming to the nervous system, as well as antispasmodic & a decongestant. In Taoist traditions, Sweet Flag is said to gift immortality


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