Sweetgrass + Rose Spray

Sweetgrass + Rose Spray

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Our most popular ritual spray! A blend of Sweetgrass + Wild Rose. Harvested with reverence & care. Smells like a braid of Sweetgrass with hints of Rose. Brining a sense of calm, heart space clearing, remembering feelings of comfort + home.

A beautiful combo of two Medicines that remind us of home {Earth & Spirit}, and of our Maternal lineages, our Wise Elders & Ancestors - Sweetgrass + Wild Rose. Sweetgrass gathered in Montana, Apsáalooke territory & Rose from Snuneymux, K’ómoks & Snaw-naw-as territory. This Sacred Spray is deeply healing, and may be worked with as a room or body spray.

Invoking a sense of welcome, love, home, belonging, forgiveness, and peace. Sweetgrass is one of the Four Sacred Medicines here on Turtle Island, and is also Native to Eurasia. To me, they hold a sense of home, of forgiveness, of peace, of love. They let us know we belong. They connect us to the home we all share which is Mama Earth, the Water, the Sky.

Rose being a balm for our Hearts, inviting Love + Abundance + Joy into our lives & homes. Bringing self compassion as well as compassion for others. Rose also offers some protection & boundaries, to balance the welcoming energy of Sweetgrass.

This Blend evokes our well Ancestors & Loving guides to walk with us ... offering hope, and peace to our Hearts. Something many of us Earth keepers, Land Protectors, and Sensitive folks need right now.

This combination feels deeply healing, for all of us.

Crafted in Ceremony, calling in our Grandmothers & Elders to support this Path, and guide this Medicine. I felt deep expansion in my Heart space as I poured this Medicine for the first time. May we all walk in Beauty, with Love & fierce kindness in our Hearts. May we be protected & guided as we bring our Sacred Work into the World and tend to our Homes.



Spray yourself, your home, your office, your car, your Space anytime you want to welcome in those feelings of *home,* love, belonging, peace, forgiveness. A lovely Ritual spray to work with after you've cleansed your space/self, or to end your Ritual and move forward for the day <3 I spray my sleeping area before bed for peaceful, sweet & protected dreams 

Ingredients: Wild Rose, Rose Damascena, Sweetgrass, Grain free alcohol, Spring Water


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We will replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you'd like to exchange your product for the same item, please email us at lunahlife@lunahlife.com