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June Beauty Serious: Face Mapping + Body Talk

June Beauty Serious: Face Mapping + Body Talk


Our popular workshop is back due to your demand YEAH baby! Do you ever wonder why you keep breaking out in the same places each month? Or maybe you're curious as to those lines on your nails? In this super followup to the first beauty series "Beauty From the Inside Out", we will unveil the magic of body talk.  The face can be broken down into different areas that reveal which systems are off balance and the things we can do to rebalance our bodies.  When it comes to the nails, each break, white spot, line and colour is telling us something we are lacking and need to be aware of! Even the lines on our faces are secretly speaking to us- what are they saying? Join me on Tuesday June 25th at the Lunah Studio, from 7-8pm. Snacks, takeaways and tangible education regarding body + mind + spirit are all apart of the package. Plus, everyone gets a surprise Lunah product:) I'm excited to see you all! xo

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