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Boost Your Immunity: Rollerballs and recipes

Boost Your Immunity: Rollerballs and recipes


With the chilly weather approaching, so is the onset of colds and flus. Join me on Thursday Nov 15th from 6:45-7:45pm @ Desi Boutique and learn to take your health back during the winter months.  Boosting your immunity is key to a healthy body + mind, and we will do that with diet changes, super foods, theraputic herbs, warm beverages, as well as lifestyle suggestions for health.  Like every workshop, this one will be just as informative, funny and friendly as the rest! Treats + beverages + giveaways + cheat sheet provided.

What do you get:

DIY Immune Roller Ball Takeaway

booklet of immune boosting foods, recipes, herbs, beverages, supplements

Snacks and warm tea

Q + A

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