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Monday @North Yoga and Wellness 1615 N Routledge Park #23, London, ON N6H 5L6

Tuesday @The Emporium  153 Queen St E, St. Marys, ON N4X 1C3


Beauty Talk- Shake your Lymph up!

Beauty Talk- Shake your Lymph up!

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Part 3 of our beauty talk was so popular we are doing it again! Tuesday June 7th from 630-730pm @North Yoga and Wellness, the Elesense gals and myself will be hosting a fantastic night all about your lymphatic system. A poorly performing lymph system includes insufficient movement of fluids and garbage that your body has been collecting. This accumulation leads to too much cellular waste in your body- creating undesirable aesthetic condition and health problems.  We will show you how to get this moving again and get your skin shining! This night will feature the following:

take-home gifts such as a Jade Roller for facial massage and anti-aging, 

demo of lymphatic drainage self massage, plus foods + essential oils + lifestyle habits + special tea blends for lymph

draw for an aromatherapy bracelet + skincare

after hours private shopping

These nights are always sold out so grab a friend and grab a seat! Can't wait to see you there:) xo Registration ends 24hours before start date and time. Must reserve a seat to come:)