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Chocolate Beauty Collagen Boost

Chocolate Beauty Collagen Boost


A collaboration with the best- The New New Age.

Lunah collagen is a bioactive beauty product which contains over 90% protein. Collagen contains important amino acids which can be used by the body to build connective tissue and can slowdown age related cartilage damage and collagen loss. In addition, this product contains super herbs such as raw cacao and 6 medicinal mushroom extracts for a boost of antioxidants, mood boosting compounds and an all around boost of health and longevity.

Ingredients: 100% Hydrolyzed grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen, raw cacao, coconut milk powder, goji berry juice powder, acai berry juice powder, maqui berry juice powder, amla fruit, rosehip, camu camu, sea buckthorn juice powder, pomegranate.


Preparation: Take 1-2 TBSP/ day. Add to cold or hot water, juice, smoothies, oatmeal, raw baked goods, etc. Blend or stir thoroughly. Please consult a physician before use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ingrédients: Collagène bovin élevé en pâturage nourri à l'herbe, hydrolysé à 100%, cacao cru, poudre de lait de coco, poudre de jus de baies de goji, poudre de jus de baies d'açai, poudre de jus de baies maqui, fruits d'amla, églantier, camu camu, poudre de jus d'argousier, grenade.

Préparation: Prendre 1-2 TBSP / jour. Ajouter à l'eau froide ou chaude, au jus, aux smoothies, à la farine d'avoine, aux produits de boulangerie crus, etc. Mélanger ou bien mélanger. S'il vous plaît consulter un médecin avant d'utiliser pendant la grossesse ou l'allaitement.

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