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A celestial apothecary using the purest ingredients for glowing skin. Made in small batches by hand, we use infuse our products with theraputic herbs, energetic crystals, and the light of the moon. Let your skin find its new happy with our skincare line.

Facial Steam Tab

Facial Steam Tab


Who needs that summer glow? We’ve got 3 new facial steams to add to your skin care routine to help with just that! ⠀
From left to right: ⠀
Purple Tab- Decrease inflammation/calming - skin redness, rashes⠀
Pink Tab- Dry/mature skin, or if you spend a lot of time outside!
Black Tab- Hormonal acne/detox/oily skin 

How to:

Boil some water, place both in a bowl, grab a towel and steam your beautiful face away! Save the water for a few days for a beautiful personal toner.

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