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A celestial apothecary using the purest ingredients for glowing skin. Made in small batches by hand, we use infuse our products with theraputic herbs, energetic crystals, and the light of the moon. Let your skin find its new happy with our skincare line.

10 Pack Reusable Cotton Pads/ Facial Rounds

10 Pack Reusable Cotton Pads/ Facial Rounds


Reusable facial rounds are the way to do to save money and the planet!

Use the facial rounds to gently remove makeup, rub in facial cleanser, or apply toner! Anything you currently use cotton rounds for, these can do too. If using with nail polish remover, please be advised that they will stain. We recommend keeping a few dedicated to nail polish removing to avoid staining all of your lovely rounds. 

The patterned top of the rounds are made from a soft cotton knit and the backing is cotton french terry. They are machine washable and dry-able to keep reusable simple!

(The reusable facial rounds are made from the smaller pieces leftover from making children’s clothing).

Diameter: 2.5-3”

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