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Dream Big Journals

Dream Big Journals


Gorgeous East Indian Blank Art Journals made from Recycled Acid Free Handmade Paper, consisting natural fibers. This is a beautiful piece of art, to host your dreams, and manifestations. Or maybe just your to-do list!

Choose the goddess/god of your choice:

Name of Design :

  • Indian Royal Queen

  • Indian Paisley: a symbol of life and eternity

  • Royal Peacock: a symbol of the cycle of time. The Peacock is also associated with Goddess Saraswati, a deity representing patience, kindness, compassion and knowledge

  • Ganesh God: Lord of Beginnings, The Remover of Obstacles, and The Deity of Good Fortune

  • Golden Om: a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Saraswati: Goddess of Knowlede and Arts

  • Royal Couple + Sacred Camel: endurance, protection and survival

  • Buddha: A Buddha is one who has attained Bodhi; and by Bodhi is meant wisdom, an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection


  • Handmade item

  • Materials: Recycled Paper, Handmade Paper, Indian Twine, Thread

  • Approximately 45-50 pages each (about 90 sides to write on)

  • Journal Size: Length 7 x Width 5 inches (17.75 x 12.75 cms)

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