Baby Products Review Got Us Like...

When Mountain Mama Collective approached us to create a special line of products for mama and babe, we couldn't ressist! They are a beautiful company inside and out with a variety of services and products for maternal support. On top of it all, a percentage of profits are put back into our community through facilitating maternal wellness opportunities, and subsidized Maternal Support Practitioner services that are inclusive, informative, and fun. 

Check out this beautiful review of the crystal infused products we've made for them!

It's a nettle kind-of-a winter

Anytime my skin is gettin' all wacky on me, nettle is my go-to. Especially in these dehydrating winter months, this mineral rich herb seem to fill my skin with exactly what it needs each time. I takes away the weird little bumps I get on my forehead sometimes, cleans and clears up my complexion, and makes me look like a hydrated acre of organic farm land:)

Nettle is anti-inflammatory, astringent, bactericidal, healing, and a mild deodorant. It is high in phenols, which give nettle powerful antioxidant properties and help keep the free radicals away- the things that cause pre-mature aging. 

Chlorophyll is super high in nettles, and lends itself to being a fantastic blood cleanser. And since blood runs right under your skin, it's a no-brainer to drink in order to clear aways the skins debris. 

How to:

Add a generous TBSP of dried leaf (bought at the tea shop) to your pot of tea. I like to steep for at least 10-15minutes to get all the goodies out. I usually have a hot glass, and drink the rest once cooled instead of water that day.